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Some Basic Problems on Longitudinal Shears
Some Basic Problems on Longitudinal Shears
News Source:   2018-12-10 11:20:59

For vertical shearing machine, because it is a website product and keywords, so in its familiarity, at least to achieve a comprehensive level, so it can. Then, compared with this specific requirement, we find that there are still many omissions or deficiencies. Therefore, in the next time, we will carry out their learning work in order to make up for the omissions and improve our knowledge system.

1. Can longitudinal shears be operated manually? In addition, what are the main parameters?

Longitudinal shears, which can be operated by no man, adopt robot tool changing technology to improve the level of automation of equipment, so that the above purpose can be achieved. And the parameters of the longitudinal shear mainly include two parts: specifications and technical parameters. Therefore, the equipment configuration should be selected and determined according to the specific parameters.


2. Will the blades in the longitudinal shears wear out?

The blade is an important part of the longitudinal shear machine, and its wear and tear in use is a normal phenomenon. However, if it is excessive wear and tear, it is abnormal. Therefore, in the choice of blades, we should choose good quality, so as to reduce its wear and tear, and at the same time, extend the service life of the blade.


3. Longitudinal shears, in terms of product requirements, is it high?

Longitudinal shearing machine, its product requirements, mainly depends on the user requirements, if the user requirements for products are relatively high, then the corresponding, in the vertical shearing machine requirements, is relatively high, on the contrary, is the opposite. Therefore, it is difficult to answer this question. It can only be said that if there is a center system and tension structure on the vertical shear, then the performance of the equipment is very good.


These questions are all related to the vertical shears, which is a website product. Therefore, specific answers are given so that you can have a correct understanding through learning and know how to answer them correctly, instead of being confused. Moreover, only in this way can the use effect of the equipment be improved and its economic benefits be improved.