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    How to improve the production efficiency of longitudinal shear?
    How to improve the production efficiency of longitudinal shear?
    News Source:   2018-12-18 15:27:54

    Along with the equipment can not only complete the basic shearing work, but also save manpower, improve material flow, improve shearing accuracy and cutting quality. When the longitudinal shearing machine is in use, it can also greatly enhance the safety and other aspects. Let's give a brief introduction to how this series of productivity improvements can be achieved.

    On the vertical shear equipment, the opposite front baffle arm and support arm, which can be used for trimming and straightening, and the front baffle and the plate with longer support, are their contributions to the front baffle arm. But as far as the support arm is concerned, it is mainly the front support material of the longitudinal shear machine. Moreover, the equipment can measure the function of the shear parts together with the appropriate front baffle.


    In addition to supporting the front baffle arm and the support arm, the plate support device on the longitudinal shear equipment can also directly play the same role. But at this time, we should also pay attention to the device is installed behind the blade, so that the material against the back of the shield and play a supporting role in the material, so as to prevent material sagging, to ensure the accurate location of the incision.


    In the lubrication system. There will also be manual centralized lubrication system and automatic lubrication system in longitudinal shear equipment. At this time, it will provide appropriate lubrication for multiple lubrication points at the same location. Good lubrication makes the equipment more smooth to use.


    Then there will be a more important point is the adjustment of knife clearance on the vertical shear equipment, which itself will be divided into manual and automatic two kinds. Of course, no matter which one, that is to say, the knife clearance can be better adjusted to match the thickness, size and type of material to be cut, so as to improve the shearing effect. There are many, many, even if these devices do not look very impressive, but when used in vertical shear equipment, the effect is very obvious.