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    Is the installation clearance of upper and lower blades of longitudinal shears important?
    Is the installation clearance of upper and lower blades of longitudinal shears important?
    News Source:   2018-12-19 16:19:14

    Longitudinal shearing machine, or mechanical equipment, because it is one of the important products and main keywords of the website, so it is imperative to know and understand it. Otherwise, it is impossible to familiarize itself with the website and its manufacturers. So, based on this, the following may as well continue on the basis of the previous, so that we can also have new harvest and inspiration.


    A good quality vertical shear has a tool matching software on it, and this is also essential. Its function is to make the blades in the vertical shear use correctly and smoothly, so as to get a good cutting effect. And this equipment, in the control of clearance, has different provisions for different cutting materials, but here, no specific examples, as long as you clearly understand, you can.


    Longitudinal shears, in which the blades are divided into upper and lower blades, therefore, in its installation clearance, is very important, because this is related to the cutting effect of the blades, as well as the cutting effect of the equipment, so this conclusion can be reached. If the concentricity or balance of the blade is in question, then it is necessary to re-sharpen the blade and take it seriously in order to solve the problem.


    In the use of slitting machine and longitudinal shear, the common problem is that the length of tape is different. In addition, there may be other problems. There are several specific reasons for this problem, such as the uneven thickness of raw materials used.