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Rotary shears
Rotary shears
Rotary shears

Rotary shears is consisted of decoiling, feeding, shearing and reeling equuipment, with main function to cut wide steel band into narrow one with given size along the length direction, then prepare blank materials for future rolling, welding pipes, cold bending forming, punch and other working procedures. Meanwhile, it is available to change difference cutters made of different materials for cutting various nonferrous metal band.

Slitting machine Slitting machine 1-6X1800 slitting line
Part of the slitting Part of the slitting Slitting-oriented institutions
Slitting machine 1-6X1800 slitting line Slitters
Slitters Slitters 16x2200Slitters
14X2000Slitters 0.5-8x1600 Stainless Steel Slitting Line Stainless Steel Slitting Line
Slitting Line Four Column uncoiler Hydraulic Rolling
0.5-6X1600 Slitting Line 1-6X180 Slitting Line Feeding, open-book
Hydraulic rolling, discharging part Jiao delivery, guidance, slitting section Slitting Line
Slitting section   0.5-7X1600 Slitting Line
Main technical data:
Spec/type Thickness Width Coil weight Width of finished product Number of slitting Shearing speed Land square
2×1600 0.3-2mm 900-1550mm 30T ≥40mm ≤20 60m/min 21×11
4×1600 0.5-4mm 900-1550mm 30T ≥60mm ≤13 50m/min 21×11
6×1600 1-6mm 900-1550mm 30T ≥60mm ≤10 40m/min 21×11
8×1600 2-8mm 900-1800mm 30T ≥70mm ≤6 30m/min 30×11
10×2500 3-10mm 900-2500mm 30T ≥80mm ≤5 25m/min 35×11
12×2500 3-12mm 900-2500mm 30T ≥100mm ≤5 20m/min 38×11
14×2500 3-14mm 900-2500mm 30T ≥200mm ≤3 18m/min 41×12
16×2500 3-16mm 900-2500mm 30T ≥500mm ≤3 15m/min 50×13