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Flat steel slitting line leveler
Flat steel slitting line leveler
Flat steel slitting line leveler
Flat steel unit: the open-book, feeding, sub-cut, side wire coiling, straightening, code length, cross-cutting, stamping materials and other equipment consisting of a production line, its main function is to roll wide strip along the length of the longitudinal direction Cut into narrow strips to size of the volume, and then after leveler length flat flat steel products into a variety of widths. For the future of welding, stamping and other processes Preparation of stock. At the same time, the replacement of tools of different materials can be divided into various non-ferrous metal cutting strip.
Flat unit Flattening, cross-cut part of the
Flattening part of the Flattening host Send material Jiao
Open-book, the pressure argument, sending part of the correction Hydraulic cross-section Slitting section
Main technical data:
Specification Thickness Material Width Coil weight Finished width Cut the number of articles Production rate Area
2-6×500 2-6mm 300-500mm 8T ≥20mm ≤10-20 0-20m/min 18×6
2-6×700 2-6mm 300-700mm 10T ≥20mm ≤10-20 0-20m/min 21×7
2-6×1000 2-6mm 500-1000mm 15T ≥20mm ≤10-20 0-24m/min 24×9
2-8×1000 2-8mm 500-1000mm 15T ≥20mm ≤6-20 0-24m/min 30×10
10×850 3-10mm 500-1000mm 20T ≥50mm ≤5-15 0-25m/min 35×11
12×850 3-12mm 500-1000mm 20T ≥50mm ≤5-10 0-20m/min 38×11
14×2300 3-14mm 900-2200mm 30T ≥80mm ≤3-8 0-18m/min 41×12
16×2300 3-16mm 900-2200mm 30T ≥500mm ≤3-5 0-15m/min 50×13