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    There are enormous business opportunities in the development of vertical shear industry
    There are enormous business opportunities in the development of vertical shear industry
    News Source:正誠機械   2014-04-22 08:42:36

    Longitudinal shearing machine is the equipment with the highest accuracy requirement in the longitudinal shearing line. By configuring the number and spacing of disc blades on the upper and lower axes, the strip which is continuously fed after the coiling material is unfolded can be longitudinally cut into several narrow strips, and then these narrow strips are reeled into strips by the coiler. According to the different thickness of strip, the number of strips of longitudinal shear narrow band ranges from several to dozens, and the minimum width of narrow band should be greater than or equal to the thickness of disc blade.


    Longitudinal shearing machine is mainly used for tension-free shearing of strips. It has the characteristics of accurate shearing and less burrs at the edge. There are feeding trolley, uncoiler, clamping machine, guide device I, disc shearing device, guide device II, looper device, tension generating device, take-up device, take-up trolley, waste edge take-up device, hydraulic control device, electrical control device, etc.


    In the market environment, whether it is financial lease, loan or investment, as long as the funds are used to purchase equipment or carry out technological transformation, the market risk of products produced by leasing equipment should be considered first. Technical risk. One of the benefits of financial leasing is to introduce advanced technology and equipment before other enterprises. Trade risk. Because of the trade nature of financial leasing, there are risks in terms of trade, from order negotiation to test-run acceptance.

    Only the correct overlap can ensure the consistency of the bite angle, and of course the continuity of the shear. It is also related to the thickness, tension and tensile strength of the strip. If the overlap is too large, it will make the bite angle too small, which will also make the torque larger, but if the overlap is too small, then there will be shear shear. So when we use the longitudinal shear, he will have local jump knife situation, we need to set the axle of the knife for him.


    The accuracy of the tool is another consideration. It has an effect on continuous shearing. If there is a gap between the axle and the hole in the tool, it will make the tool eccentric when it moves. If the eccentricity is too strong, there will be intermittent shear, but now technology is also developing, the overlap of Li Xing metallurgical machinery vertical shear has been adjusted, and the use of digital automation, so that our operation is more convenient.


    At present, China's macroeconomic policy will also bring huge business opportunities to China's construction machinery and equipment leasing enterprises. According to the "National Highway Network Plan" adopted by the State Council, by 2020, a major highway traffic corridor will be formed, which radiates from the central city and links East and west, and runs through the north and south. This macroeconomic policy will strongly stimulate the market. The market-oriented allocation of construction machinery has become an inevitable trend, and the prospect of market development has been widely looked forward to.