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    The leveling machine industry has considerable market prospects
    The leveling machine industry has considerable market prospects
    News Source:矯平機   2014-06-26 09:42:06

    Leveling machine is a kind of large-scale mechanical equipment. We should pay more attention to safety when we use it. The development of safety in these large-scale mechanical equipment is an eternal topic. In the process of design and production, when designing mechanical equipment, we should set a switch in a safe place. Two keys are better to control the switch. The meaning of two button control is: only when two hands press the button at the same time, the mechanical equipment will run, so as to ensure that the hand is in a safe position during the operation of the leveller. If the lower part of the machine is also running, then two pedals need to be designed in a relatively safe position. The purpose of placing the pedal is the same as the principle of setting the button above. It ensures that the foot is in a safe position when the machine is running.


    Flattening machine is needed in the process of sheet metal leveling. It is mainly due to the influence of residual stress, mechanical cutting or thermal cutting, temperature change and other factors in the process of manufacturing, which makes the sheet have internal stress and flatness defects. In order to reduce the rework rate and scrap rate of this part of products, leveling is a good method.

    In traditional technology, welding without leveling material is very complicated. If some advanced technology is not used, welding time and welding safety will be at a disadvantage, which will increase the cost. This also shows the necessity of leveling work.

    During the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", the major user industries of heavy levelers in China carried out large-scale technological transformation and expansion of production, resulting in the peak period of purchasing heavy processing equipment. In the future, the purchasing focus of users will be focused on heavy and super heavy-duty independent innovation, high-end composite intelligent NC leveler. Therefore, during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, key equipment will be added to the user industry, and heavy levelers are likely to have a flat period of market demand in general.

    In the past, there were only more than 10 professional manufacturers of heavy-duty levelers in China, but now there are dozens of enterprises involved in the production of heavy-duty levelers, which is unique in the world. As far as heavy leveling machine is concerned, except for a few high-grade and high-precision products which can not meet the market demand at home, domestic heavy leveling machine products can basically meet the market demand, regardless of product variety, level, market satisfaction, function and technological performance, which are similar to those abroad. However, the accuracy and manufacturing technology level and reliability of the leveller need to be improved urgently, which is the main reason why the domestic heavy leveller is passive in the market competition.