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    The equipment of longitudinal shear unit has been continuously improved and has made great progress.
    The equipment of longitudinal shear unit has been continuously improved and has made great progress.
    News Source:正誠機械   2014-09-25 10:57:40

    There are two main types of users of vertical shearing machine: one is the steel and non-ferrous metal industry, the other is the processing center serving various industries. For example, it provides all kinds of sliced strips for automobile manufacturing, light industrial household appliances, container manufacturing and other industries. The strip first passes through drum roll, the five-roll breaker removes most of the oxide scales, and then through four-roll mill, cold rolling is carried out one after another, reduction rate is cut by disc, and finally coiled into tons of coils. In this 15% 3.8 process, the first coil of steel strip and the second coil of steel strip are sheared by shearing machine and connected by arc welding. Only one pass through the strip is needed during the whole longitudinal shearing process. In addition, when the disc shear first passes through the belt, it is driven by the motor to cut, and then the clutch is opened to enter the passive tension shear state. At this time, the coiler provides large tension to complete the whole shear process, so it is called large tension continuous longitudinal shear.


    At present, vertical shearing units are mainly used in two aspects: non-ferrous metal industry and iron and steel industry, and processing centers serving various industries. In recent years, new changes have taken place in users'requirements for vertical shear units. Machining centers pay more attention to the flexibility and adaptability of vertical shear units in order to meet the needs of different customers. However, the requirements of iron and steel enterprises are different. They require high output, high speed and large diameter of coil. In order to meet the user's requirements, the equipment of longitudinal shear unit has been continuously improved and developed greatly. In order to improve the shearing accuracy, the longitudinal shear machine adopts the method of computer-aided assembly of blade axle without gasket. In addition, the eccentric adjusting mechanism is also applied to the longitudinal shear machine. One of the symbols representing the level of the vertical shear production line is the form adopted by the main equipment. Compared with foreign countries, the performance of self-developed longitudinal shear units in China lags behind that of foreign countries. In the face of this situation, the development pace of domestic vertical shear units must be accelerated in the future.


    With more and more multinational enterprises entering our country, the local advantages of vertical shear blade manufacturers are being challenged. China's tool and die enterprises, especially the growing enterprises, must be sober, seize the opportunity of strategic development and set up reasonable development goals for themselves. With the strong support of the state, the domestic vertical shear blades have made many significant technological breakthroughs in high-speed cutting technology and ultra-high-speed grinding technology, effectively breaking the blockade of foreign technology and market monopoly; although great achievements have been made, in order to make the products recognized in the international market, there are many places for the appearance of products to continue to work hard, in order to truly catch up with and surpass foreign countries. The product needs the enterprise to make great efforts on the software and hardware of the product, to achieve the independent development of key technologies, and to design the unique product appearance.

    In order to upgrade products continuously and improve the quality of products, and then counter-sell them through the price advantage of domestic vertical shears, if we occupy the market in this way, and then use the market share to integrate or feed back R&D capabilities, it will greatly enhance the continuous development of vertical shears industry. Independent innovation is one of our common methods. Independent innovation strategy will enhance the competitiveness of vertical shear industry. Those industries with faster investment and independent innovation ability will develop better and faster through independent innovation. However, it should be noted that when considering the upgrading of industrial structure in independent innovation, two criteria must be grasped: first, investment growth will continue to be relatively fast; second, the industry has a certain basis for independent innovation. Simply put, the investment and capital accumulation of the industry have nurtured the seeds of innovation. In addition, strict implementation of energy saving and emission reduction criteria, energy saving and emission reduction directly promote the upgrading of industrial structure.