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    At present, the development of the industry is facing changes in the market environment.
    At present, the development of the industry is facing changes in the market environment.
    News Source:正誠機械   2014-10-11 12:56:10

    With the rapid development of science and technology, vertical shearing machine has been applied to all aspects of our real life. It has strong function and wide application scope, which has been unanimously recognized by many consumers. In fact, it has several names, the first is the vertical cutting line, the second is the vertical cutting machine, and slitting machine is often recognized as another name. This product is a very important title in metal cutting equipment. Next, we will have a comprehensive understanding of the longitudinal shears from the use, advantages, structure and so on. In terms of usage, vertical shears can be said to be of special use. They can be widely used in various shearing work, so as to carry out related metal strip products and longitudinal shearing work. By shearing, the narrow strips after slicing can be well utilized and rewound into coils. In terms of advantages, this product has outstanding advantages and shows great market potential. In terms of structure, there are also many articles. Opening and priming positioning have become an important part, while slicing and slitting, as well as those coiling, are also indispensable. In terms of applicable materials, it mainly includes tinplate, as well as those silicon steel sheets and so on. In the applicable industry, there are many kinds, such as those transformers, as well as those motors and so on, while the household appliances industry, the automobile industry and so on, can see its shadow.


    Because of the vast consumption potential of the domestic market and the continuous development of industrial production, China has gradually become a big country in the processing and exporting of circular blades in the world. As an important part of the circular blade industry, the vertical shear blade requires higher precision and manufacturing technology for its unique dish shape. Ten years ago, the accuracy of blades was generally 0.05 mm. Now the precision of products has reached 0.005 mm because of the increasing precision of products. The industry will continue to meet the requirements of ultra-precision processing. Now business opportunities are of great concern to everyone. For any industry, we want to know its market prospects. Now let's get to know the market prospects of downward slitting line. Longitudinal slitting line is a familiar product, but we are more concerned about how to grasp the future of this familiar product, because who has mastered the trend and who can win the market, so many enterprises need to anticipate now. Measure the future.


    Longitudinal shearing machine is the equipment with the highest accuracy requirement in the longitudinal shearing line. By configuring the number and spacing of disc blades on the upper and lower axes, the strip which is continuously fed after the coiling material is unfolded can be longitudinally cut into several narrow strips, and then these narrow strips are reeled into strips by the coiler. According to the different thickness of strip, the number of strips of longitudinal shear narrow band ranges from several to dozens, and the minimum width of narrow band should be greater than or equal to the thickness of disc blade. China is one of the fastest growing countries in the world in recent years. At present, the total energy consumption ranks second in the world, second only to the United States, showing a pattern of short supply and demand, which requires imports to meet domestic demand. From the point of view of energy structure, the energy situation of vertical shear machine in China is poor in oil and gas, rich in coal, poor in oil and gas resources, and rich in coal resources. In the market environment, whether it is financial lease, loan or investment, as long as the funds are used to purchase equipment or carry out technological transformation, the market risk of products produced by leasing equipment should be considered first. Technical risk. One of the benefits of financial leasing is to introduce advanced technology and equipment before other enterprises.


    At present, the development of the industry is facing changes in the market environment, which is also the key period for the development of the domestic circular blade manufacturing industry. There are many uncertain factors in the economic situation. However, China's economic development still maintains a high growth rate, the industry still has the advantage of competition in the international market, while the domestic market is dominated by domestic blades, and the development of the industry is slow. With the trend of growth, the industry will become larger and larger. At present, the vertical shear blades are processed by die moulding, and the increasingly large-scale and high production efficiency requirements have brought considerable challenges to the processing technology. The development of multi-functional complex processing system will further improve the technical requirements of enterprises on the market.