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    Longitudinal shearing machine, also known as longitudinal shearing line, is a name for metal slitting equipment.
    Longitudinal shearing machine, also known as longitudinal shearing line, is a name for metal slitting equipment.
    News Source:正誠機械   2014-10-21 11:21:55

     Longitudinal shearing machine, also known as vertical shearing line, vertical shearing machine, slitting machine, is a name for metal slitting equipment. It is suitable for the longitudinal shearing of metal strips and rewinding the sliced narrow strips into coils. Longitudinal shears are characterized by easy operation, high cutting quality, high material utilization rate, stepless speed regulation of cutting speed, etc. It is an indispensable special equipment for transformer, transformer, motor, electrical appliances and sheet products industries to cut coils into strips of different widths, and then winding the strips into small coils for cross cutting or automatic blanking in the next process.


    Core is the core mechanism of transformer, and its production equipment is the vertical shear line and the horizontal shear line. The development of these two kinds of equipment has changed little since 1980s. The development trend of longitudinal shear line in the future is to use laser cutting technology to solve the phenomenon of more burrs in cutting steel sheets. Nowadays, laser cutting is widely used, but a series of problems need to be solved if it is to be applied on the longitudinal shear line. Traditional cross-cutting line has low production efficiency, high cost, inadequate product precision, high rejection rate and great loss of resources. The production of NC cross-cutting line has broken many problems caused by this traditional processing technology, so it seems that NC technology will be the trend of the future development of cross-cutting machine. At present, Jiangyin Ruyi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. has done a good job in the production of NC shears. Its production equipment includes core NC shears (increasing productivity, producing good core consistency), and silicon steel sheet NC shears (fast, low noise, long life, high accuracy).


    In terms of usage, vertical shears can be said to be of special use. They can be widely used in various shearing work, so as to carry out related metal strip products and longitudinal shearing work. By shearing, the narrow strips after slicing can be well utilized and rewound into coils. In terms of advantages, this product has outstanding advantages and shows great market potential. In terms of structure, there are also many articles. Opening and priming positioning have become an important part, while slicing and slitting, as well as those coiling, are also indispensable. In terms of applicable materials, it mainly includes tinplate, as well as those silicon steel sheets and so on. In the applicable industry, there are many kinds, such as those transformers, as well as those motors and so on, while the household appliances industry, the automobile industry and so on, can see its shadow.


    With more and more multinational enterprises entering our country, the local advantages of vertical shear blade manufacturers are being challenged. China's tool and die enterprises, especially the growing enterprises, must be sober, seize the opportunity of strategic development and set up reasonable development goals for themselves. With the strong support of the state, the domestic vertical shear blades have made many significant technological breakthroughs in high-speed cutting technology and ultra-high-speed grinding technology, effectively breaking the blockade of foreign technology and market monopoly; although great achievements have been made, in order to make the products recognized in the international market, there are many places for the appearance of products to continue to work hard, in order to truly catch up with and surpass foreign countries. The product needs the enterprise to make great efforts on the software and hardware of the product, to achieve the independent development of key technologies, and to design the unique product appearance. In the motor industry, such as the production of this motor, can not be separated from the use of this longitudinal shear machine, because this vertical shear machine for the production of this motor, is a great role, because the motor needs some parts, is to use the function of this vertical shear machine, in order to have such a motor parts, in the current society, vertical shear machine. The use of the vertical shears has a very good effect, and in the past period of time, let our social development become rapid development, because the function of the vertical shears, there is great convenience.